Achieving voluminous locks can be tough for girls who are born with flat tresses, and while using hair extensions can help you get your desired hair height, it can damage your own natural hair and scalp. Here, we offer several alternatives to plump up your crowning glory.


Product buildup is the main culprit for lank and lackluster roots. Our suggestion: Use a shampoo and conditioner combo that offers clarifying benefits. Mix together a tablespoon of baking soda for every two tablespoons of shampoo to create a quick DIY clarifying cleanser. Just lather up up, leave on for three to four minutes, before rinsing with cool water. Follow up with a final rinse of apple cider solution.

Towel dry.
To get much-needed texture, use a towel to dry the ends of your hair. This fluffs up your hair and adds that much needed OOMPH.


The next time you bust out your blowdryer, consider flipping over your locks. This method introduces volume to the roots without the need for product. It's an effective way to lock in volume and plump up tresses.

Use hot rollers.

It sounds a little retro, but using hot rollers can boost the volume of your hair instantly. Hey, if it worked for lola, then why the heck won't it work for you? Add height by spritzing on your favorite brand of hairspray when your rollers start to cool down. Result: You get dimension, structure, and a good hold to your 'do throughout the day.

Switch up your hair part.
Instant volume, no matter when or where, can be created by simply switching the natural part of your hair. The illusion immediately adds lift and volume.


You've seen Sandy O's wicked hair makeover in Grease, right? Teasing your hair is an amazing way to give lift and volume to limp hair. To avoid any damage caused by the teasing process, simply apply a hair mask or let your conditioner sit in longer while you shower.


Take a curling iron to the top section of your crown. Make sure that when you curl, you push the iron towards your forehead. This move locks in height and gives volume to your roots.

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Use filloxane.
A must-have ingredient in any volumizing product is filloxane. Even well-known brands swear by this. It's an effective way of providing nourishment for your hair both inside and out.

Your current hairstyle might be the main reason your hair's performance is falling flat. Trimming away dead ends and adding layers to your hair is a good way to add bounce and dimension. 


PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Deneb Catalan

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