You’ve probably bawled over that one guy who got away, or even better, the one you threw out, at some point in your life. Some days, it probably even happened right in the middle of a busy work event or a fun family reunion. Crying can make you look like an awful mess, and the last thing you want is for your ex to think that you’re stuck in a rut and can’t move on. (Just because you broke up with him doesn't mean na bawal ka umiyak, right?)

The good news is that you can cry all you want without your puffy eyes betraying you. Here’s how:

The Quick Fix
If you’ve just had a good sob and you still have places to visit after, give yourself a quick bathroom break and wash your face with cold water. Focus on the puffy area underneath your eyes. Don’t scratch or rub your peepers too hard as this may increase the swelling. A gentle press will help relieve the soreness caused by fluid accumulation. If you’re in a restaurant, you can also ask for a glass of water with ice cubes. Dip in your hanky or your napkin and use this to massage the area around your eyes. Alleviate redness with over-the-counter eye drops.

The All-Nighter
If you’re at home and you’re done feeling miserable, steep two packets of green or black tea in cold water. Squeeze out any excess liquids and rest them on your lids. Make sure that they’re damp but dry enough not to leak. According to Live Strong, tea contains caffeine which reduces puffiness by constricting blood vessels in the affected area.

When you’re ready for bed, prop up your head with an extra pillow and make sure to get seven to eight hours of sleep. Mayo Clinic notes that doing these will prevent fluids from accumulating around your eyes and will help you wake up looking refreshed.

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