There is now a valid reason for our obsession with scoring brows on fleek, and it is backed up by science. According to a study published in the journal Perception, and as reported by Yahoo! Health, our eyebrows go beyond their physical function of blocking off sweat and dust from our eyes.

Javid Sadr, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Lethbridge in Canada, says that eyebrows play a key factor in social behavior. While our eyes appear to take center stage, we are actually subconsciously more responsive to our brows, so much so that when it comes to emotions, we take our cue from them!

Sadr further explains that brows are significant in facial recognition. He and his team of researchers showed participants 25 photos of celebrities without eyes and 25 images of celebrities with missing eyebrows. The results were astonishing: 56 percent of the participants recognized the faces without eyes, while only 46 percent identified were able to correctly identify the brow-free images. Apparently, brows play a more important role in facial signature than eyes.

Guess this gives us another reason to stock up on brow conditioning serums, pencils, and mascaras. Thanks a lot, science!


PHOTO: Instagram @juansarte

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