Fact: No one is born with a symmetrical face. The two sides are a bit different from each other, but this can barely be seen by the naked eye. This phenomenon, however, can be spotted in photos—aka the reason you have a "good side." Discovering your best angle will help you take better pictures of yourself! This trick doesn't cost a thing and you won't need to edit your selfies with apps. Here's how you can find it:


1. Try this science-based trick.

Yep, there was an actual scientific study that discovered that most human beings' look better in photos when they show their left side. It says "your left cheek shows more emotion, which makes it aesthetically pleasing." 

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2. Observe which side you normally chew your food.

The facial muscles on the side which you use less appear slimmer on cam, which is most probably your good side.

3. Do the paper trick.

Cover one side of your face with bond paper and take a selfie (you can try this photo hack to see your face's real dimensions). Do the same on the other. Check the corner of your eyes and lipsthe side where they look upturned (or more lifted) is your best angle. Alternatively, you can also choose the position where your jawline looks more defined.


Life-changing, right?

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