It’s hard enough staying fresh and pretty in the humid hot box that is the Philippines, but looking fresh and fab after commuting to work in the morning? That seems impossible. After all, you can’t expect your hair and makeup to survive the trip unscathed. Too much humidity, sweat, pollution, and stress can easily take their toll and more often than not, by the time you arrive at the office you look and feel like you’re ready to leave.


But that shouldn’t be the case. Even if you’ve been exposed to face melting heat, Noah’s ark level rains, and the stress of early morning gridlock, that doesn’t mean you can’t still look refreshed and feel beautiful at the office. Try these easy and simple revitalizing tricks to perk you up after your morning sojourn.

1. Use a makeup primer.

Even before you leave the house give your makeup the best chance of survival by using a good primer. This prepares your skin and helps makeup properly adhere and stay in place despite harsh weather conditions.

2. Dry shampoo is your friend.

Limp locks can make you go from fab to drab in an instant. Luckily all you need is a quick spritz of dry shampoo rubbed into your roots to give your hair a second wind and renewed volume.

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3. Loose powder all over

While dewy might be in, shiny and sweaty is not. But don’t worry, a nice dusting of translucent loose powder all over your face helps banish the shine and enlivens your look once again. This is perfect if you want to refresh your look but don’t want to redo all your makeup.

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FN Tip: Use a brush instead of a sponge or puff to control the amount of powder you apply.

4. Blotting paper for the win.

Your T-zone tends to get the most affected when exposed to the elements. But you can tame the T-zone easily without ruining the rest of your makeup with blotting paper. These mattifying little squares of heaven expertly help eliminate excess oil, shine, and dirt on your nose, forehead, and jawline.

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5. Stay hydrated.

Running around trying to catch a ride in the blistering heat or pouring rain will eventually take its toll on you and your body. Keep yourself fresh by making sure you stay hydrated on the ride to work and once you get to the office. Don’t wait until you get thirsty because thirst is already a beginning sign of dehydration. Drink a large glass of water before leaving in the morning and bring along a tumbler or jug of water for the journey.


6. Spray on the mist.

Sometimes feeling fresh again is just a matter of cooling down after a long morning. A few sprays of facial mist can help you cool down and revitalize the pores on your face. Spray some on at your air-conditioned desk and instantly feel the pick-me-up. 

7. Extra! Extra!

When all else fails, it helps to have an extra set of clothes. Either bring another shirt with you or keep one at your desk so you can change if you feel really grimy or smelly. Just taking off your commute haggard garb can instantly make you feel like a new woman ready to face the day.

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