Aside from making your two-day-old hair look brand new, dry shampoo can be used for a variety of things too: From polishing your kilay to freshening up your stinky shoes. Read on for ways to get the most out of this hair product!

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Prevent bangs from sticking to your forehead

We all know an oily fringe can be annoying. To avoid it from ruining your look, spray dry shampoo under your bangs to coat and protect them from the grease on your forehead. 

Stop bobby pins from slipping

If you plan on using hairpins, make sure your locks aren't freshly washed to avoid them sliding off your hair. Then, spray dry shampoo on the pins to give them more grit and gripping power to stay in place. 

Soak sweat in your hair while exercising

According to Self, spritz dry shampoo on your roots before hitting the gym. It will absorb the oil and sweat, and prevent it from wetting the rest of your hair. 

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Act as a gentle hairspray

Crunchy and stiff hair is the worst. To prolong your hairstyle, but still keep it soft, dry shampoo will the do the trick. It won't offer as much hold as a regular hairspray, but it will look more natural.

Tame brow hairs

Just like hairspray, adding a bit of dry shampoo to your brows can whip them into shape.

Keep your body cool

If you're pawisin on your back and legs, spritz a bit on the areas to instantly absorb the excess moisture. Just make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients in the dry shampoo to avoid rashes or other skin reactions.

Freshen up your shoes

Got a pair of stinky sneakers? The starch in your dry shampoo will soak up the oil and sweat inside. Just spray it and leave it overnight to let it work its magic. In the morning, dust off any shampoo residue and your shoes will smell as good as new!


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