The simplest things like the clothes we wear or the makeup we choose can affect how other people see us. But have you ever considered how choosing the right dress or the perfect shade of lipstick may help you attract wealth and attain success in all aspects of your life? We’re not just talking about following the latest trends or wearing the season’s newest designs. You need to dress in a way that complements your aura, at least, according to managing partners and friends Julia Jatico, Jinky Amores, and Kristin Zalameda. Together, they came up with Dress My Aura—a web service that tells you what your aura’s current state is and how you can use fashion and beauty to enhance it. Here, we list down a few reasons why it's worth a try.

1. It's affordable!
Hiring a personal stylist is not cheap, but thanks to Dress My Aura, you can now access a whole team of them without breaking the bank. For only P599, you'll receive a detailed report of your aura's current state, what colors you should wear to complement it, as well as the clothes and makeup that suits you.

2. You have your own personal glam squad.
You're not the only one who has ever needed help dressing for one event or another. Let Dress My Aura help you figure out what to wear from head to toe!

3. It pushes you in the right direction.
Regardless of whether you believe in auras or not, Dress My Aura gives you that confidence boost you need to do your best at work. Positive vibes can go a long way.

(Photo by Mike Dee, Screencap from Dress My Aura)

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