Hair and humidity are not the best of friends. Unfortunately for us Filipinos, humidity is synonymous to living in the tropics, and it is virtually impossible to leave the house without your meticulously coiffed 'do looking like a damp shih tzu atop your head. Luckily we have some helpful tips to keep the frizz at bay.

Frizz can be dealt with as early as during your shower prep time. Selecting the right shampoo and conditioner combination is essential and should not be overlooked.


Do: Use a shampoo and conditioner combination that offers moisture-enriching action.

Don't: Pick a product that is oil or silicone-based.

Breakage Prevention
Most of the frizz we get are those little baby hairs that are often a result of breakage. To lessen this occurrence, follow our advice.

Do: Pat your hair with an old cotton shirt

Don't: Vigorously give your tresses a rub down with your bath towel.

Leave-in Conditioners
Ensuring that our hair follicles retain moisture after a shower is something that a lot of us do not stop to consider.

Do: Apply leave-in conditioners and hair serums. Start from the tips and work your way up.

Don't: Dollop on too much or spray too close to your scalp.

During hotter months, air-drying is preferable but the cooler season will necessitate the help of a blow dryer.

Do: Put on blowout or moisturizing cream when blow drying hair.

Don't: Neglect this step. Drying hair means removing moisture, so you have to combat the drying effect by using lotions that will keep the moisture in, even while you style and set your hair.


Do: Re-apply leave-in products (sparingly) throughout the day, especially during those hot summer months

Don't: Pile on the cream without assessing if your mop really needs a re-application.

Salon treatment
Granting your locks to treatment will help strengthen and smoothen them. Cedar Salon (at Wilson St., San Juan) offers Milbon Linkage, a three-step treatment that restores your hair's softness with collagen-building ingredients. Bonus: Each step has aromatic notes that will relax you while the stylist applies the treatment on your hair.

Do: Enjoy the surreal bounce of your hair after the treatment.

Don't: Succumb your just-treated locks with sulfate-laden shampoos because this will quickly turn your tresses into a frizzy state.

Nighttime care

Do: Choose satin/ silk cases and sheets for your bedding. This will help reduce breakage and friction while you sleep.

Don't: Go to bed with wet hair. Not because of some old wives' tale but for the simple reason that you want to avoid turning your pillow into a breeding ground for bacteria that could cause flakes in your scalp or acne on your skin.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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