There's something about soft, wavy tresses that instantly antes up any look. That's why the digital perm (or digi perm, as it's more commonly known) is a boon for girls with naturally straight hair in need of a good curl fix.

"I find curly hair sexy and romantic," stylist extraordinaire Louis Philip Kee shares, who gamely chatted with FN about curly locks--and how the digi perm works. "We call it reverse rebonding," Louis explains. "Chemicals break down the bonds of the hair, but instead of ironing it straight, we use rollers." These rollers are connected to a machine controlled by a digital panel, earning the moniker, "digital perm."

Planning to go for a digi perm this holiday season? Here are five things that you should know:

1. Prepare an entire afternoon for this hair makeover.
"Digital perm is a tedious process--it could take three hours or longer," Louis says. But while the process could take up an entire afternoon, the payoff is well worth it. "If you take good care of your hair, it will last up to a year," Louis says.

2. It's not limited to just one "look."
You could create different types of curls based on the rollers used. Do you want Veronica Lake waves, tousled beach locks, or low-key ringlets? Just let your stylist know! Just keep in mind that the larger the roller size, the larger the curls.

3. Go for it at least twice a year.
Louis advises that you need to have your hair permed at least twice a year to maintain the curls. "The first time you have the curls. The second time you do it, you just retouch the curls," he says.

4. Steer clear of combs.
"Never ever use a fine-toothed comb to comb it out. Just use your fingers to brush it out," Louis advises, saying that fine-toothed combs might ruin the curls.

5. You have to wait for a few weeks before going for an upgrade.
Just had your hair rebonded? If you're itching for a new look, you better wait for at least six months before going for a digi perm. "Remember, we're talking about a process that involves rebonding," Louis shares. But if you're looking for a less radical change (i.e. getting a better shade for your tresses after having your hair permed), you won't have to sit it out for months. "Genereally speaking, you have to wait from one to two weeks before having your hair colored," Louis says.

(Screencap from Gangster Squad courtesy of Waner Bros.)

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