Cristalle Belo lists three beauty essentials for women in their 30s—sunblock, collagen, and glutathione.

"Sunblock a day keeps the wrinkles away. Use sunblock every single day," the eldest daughter of Vicki Belo told in an interview at the Belo Beauty Suite in Makati Shangri-La Hotel on September 29.

At the same time, Cristalle promoted supplements, specifically collagen and glutathione.

"If you are below 40, you drink collagen once a day. Above 40, you do it twice a day na," the beauty and skin care mogul continued.

"[Collagen] makes your skin supple and lifted. It thickens your hair and it makes your nails stronger.

"And I’ve heard some stories that it makes some joints more lubricated."

Cristalle mentioned a study in the U.S. that revealed people with more glutathione in their body tend to be "healthier" than those with less in their system.


"There are higher levels of glutathione in healthier people, so it can correlate with health...

"You have to remember that glutathione is found in every cell we have, so it’s like actually part of the cell," she said.

The 34-year-old beauty entrepreneur also pointed out that "glutathione is known as the mother of all antioxidants."

Cristalle elaborated, "A lot of people in the Philippines think that glutathione is just for whitening; as a matter of fact, glutathione for whitening is only a side effect.

"The actual benefit of glutathione is that it cleans your liver... so for people who drink, I always tell them, 'Hoy, mag-gluta kayo kasi kawawa yung liver niyo.'

"What I tell people is that you should take it first thing in the morning, kasi when we sleep we use the glutathione in our body to rejuvenate.

"In the morning, it’s the time when our glutathione is in its lowest."

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