Dry feet and cracked heels are common feet problems. If, like us, you've tried everything to get rid of the rough texture (like the famous Baby Foot peeling mask), we've got great news for you: Redditor jaynonn shared an easy-to-do hack on the Asian Beauty Reddit: After using a sheet mask on her face, she applied it on her feet. "Idk how it came into my mind, but my feet were very dry and I was using a sheet mask. So I put the mask on the heels of my feet. 10/10 made my feet feel softer."


(It may sound gross to reuse something that was on your face on a different part of your body, but as long as it's face-to-feet and not the other way around--and you don't have any skin issues that can transfer to other parts of your body--it's all good!)

After sharing her story, various Redditors chimed in about how amazing the idea and it's easy to see why. Whenever you use sheet masks, you probably notice how after 15 to 20 minutes, the sheet is still very moist and packed with serums or essences, making it feel wasteful to just throw it away. But thanks to this, you'll be able to use every drop of product in the packet! And while there may already be specific sheet masks for the feet, hands, and neck, it's worth trying this tip out first since it will allow us to save money, too.

Below are sheet masks you can try doing the hack with:


Laneige Water Pocket Sheet Mask

P150/each, SM Makati

Its elastic sheet ensures it won't slip, slide, or move whether you put it on your face, hands, or feet.

Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask

P267/3pcs, Lazada

This sheet mask is free from irritating chemicals, dyes, and perfumes, making it suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.


St. Ives Revitalizing Sheet Mask Acai, Blueberry, And Chia Seed Oil

P89, Lazada

The acai, blueberries, and chia seeds in this sheet mask will provide skin the perfect amount of hydration and protection!


Leaders Labotica Honey Skin Soft Mask

P59, Watsons

Bring your skin's glow and bounce back by using this honey sheet mask! It revives dull and tired-looking skin by nourishing it from within and promoting the production of collagen.

Pond's Serum Mask

P99/each, SM Beauty

Hate it when sheet masks are barely drenched in essences/serums? You won't have a problem with this one! This sheet mask is soaked in potent serums so it can properly deliver the right nutrients to your complexion.


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