You'd think that washing your 'do is as simple as lathering up and rinsing, but if you want moisture-rich, frizz-free, and shiny hair that stands out, you need to be a bit more conscientious. Of the entire washing process, conditioning is perhaps the most essential stage of all. Here are some hair conditioning hacks you should try today.

Condition the ends of your hair.


When your hair grows, the damaged parts get pushed down towards the ends. Therefore the roots will be the undamaged, freshly-grown part that does not require the moisture from your conditioner. Our tip: Focus on conditioning the tips or ends of your locks. Before totally rinsing your hair, work it up to the rest of your tresses for a quick coating of moisture. Avoid getting the product on your scalp because it doesn't really need conditioning.

Leave on as long as possible.

It's good practice to wash your hair first before cleaning the rest of your body. The idea is to leave your conditioner on for as long as you possibly can. So by putting it on first, it gets to sit there while you shave your legs, exfoliate, and soap up the rest of yourself. As a good rule of thumb, try to at least leave it on for a good solid five minutes.

Use conditioner as a hair mask.

Hair masks cost extra money, not to mention, take up space in your already fully-stocked bathroom. Since it's best to leave your conditioner on for as long as possible, it only makes sense that you use it as a hair mask substitute. Apply onto damp strands and tuck underneath a shower cap, cling film, or simply secure with a
butterfly clip, and leave on while you do your chores. You can even leave it on overnight. Wash and rinse your hair as you normally would after.

Try a DIY conditioner.

Many chemical-free, organic hair products tend to be pricey. Go the DIY route if you really want an all natural hair conditioner. Chances are, you already have most of the products in your kitchen. Some people swear by olive oil, while others stick to the Pinoy favorite: coconut oil.

Use your favorite conditioner as a styling product.

Lots of people have noticed that leaving a bit of conditioner residue (not a ton because that would weigh down your tresses and make them greasy) on your final rinse allows the hair to retain more moisture throughout the day. It keeps hair free of frizz, while leaving it looking shiny.

Condition before shampooing.

What? Yes, you read that right. Condition your crowning glory before shampooing it. The job of the shampoo is to strip hair of dirt and grime. Unfortunately, the cleansing process also strips away moisture, thus, leaving the hair dry. By applying conditioner to the ends of your follicles before lathering up, you provide your brittle and dry tips with a nice protective barrier.

Comb while you condition.

Find a large tooth comb and use it to comb out your hair while in the shower. This makes it less prone to breakage and you get to untangle knots easily.

Use spray-on conditioners.

Women and men with fine hair will benefit from a spray-on conditioner instead of using a heavy moisturizing product. The reason: thin hair will end up limper once weighed down by deep conditioning products. Opt for a drugstore spray-on that is lightweight.

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