1. You brush your hair when it's wet.
When your hair is dripping like a waterfall, your follicles are weaker than ever. Wait for your locks until they get damp (about 30 percent wet), and use a wide-tooth comb or brush with vents to fight frizz and tangles without causing breakage.

Try: Goody Blow It Out Brush, P399.75, at department stores.

2. You don't maximize the purpose of your brushes.
We learned this clever trick from hair genius Lourd Ramos: Mist hairspray on your brush instead of spraying it directly on your hair for a more polished and professional-looking finish 'do.

Try: TRESemmé Salon Finish Hairspray, at department stores.

3. You're using the wrong brush type for your hair!
Normal to fine hair will benefit from cushioned brushes, while wide-tooth combs can define the twirls and loops of curly hair. For all hair types, a boar-bristle brushes activates your scalp's natural oils, which brings out the natural shine of your tresses. Our tip: For those with coarse hair, brush the boar bristles only on the top surface to prevent tangles and snags.

Try: Goody Start Style Finish Keep It Smooth Brush, P699.75, at department stores.

4. You don't clean them properly.
Just like everything else, your hairbrushes need to washed. Product residue, hair, dirt, and dead skin (care of your scalp) need to evict your brushes and combs because it's gross to imagine that all these will touch your freshly shampooed locks. Dip your brushes and combs in a cold water and liquid soap solution. Twist each brush to discharge all the gunk, and rinse with warm water to sanitize.

MAIN PHOTO: Goody Philippines

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