We already know that dry weather, dehydration and constant lip licking will result to unsightly cracked up smackers, but do you know that there are other surprising things that could be the cause? Here’s a rundown of some to watch out for:

1. Toothpaste

Sodium laurel sulfate is a common ingredient found in a tube of toothpaste. This component is what makes the toothpaste nice and foamy, but unfortunately it is also a known reason for flaking and drying in the lip area. Be sure to check the label and switch to a toothpaste with no SLS in it.


2. Facial wash

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid both disrupt the natural pH balance that results to drying and chapping of lips. Since it is a common ingredient in facial washes, try applying balm on your lips before washing your face to provide a nice protective barrier.

3. Lip balm

Speaking of balm, many of us assume that all balms are created equal and should provide us with moisture while providing us with a nice protective barrier against dryness. Look out for products that contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid because both have dying effects. It’s always a pretty safe bet to choose an organic product or simply pick up the ever reliable Burt’s Bees. Better yet, just dab on some EVC (extra virgin coconut oil) for that all-natural rejuvenation.

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4. Your alcohol consumption

We all know that alcohol dehydrates us especially if we consume too much without following up with some water. The same diuretic effect causes our body to eliminate fluids faster thus decreasing the moisture needed to keep lips nice and soft.


5. B12

This naturally occurring vitamin in eggs, dairy, and meat can cause cracked lips when consumed in large doses. This is often the case for individuals who take B12 supplements, so be a little mindful of your intake and be sure to slather on some moisture protection.

6. Iron

Angular chelitis is caused by iron deficiency, as a result, cracking occurs on the corners of the mouth. This makes it extremely difficult to talk or open the mouth wide. Any signs of this problem will require an immediate visit to your doctor so you can be provided with the right iron dosage.

7. Beach

The sand, the sea, surf, and even the air on the beach is laden with salt. We already know that sodium dries our lips, partner that with the blazing heat of the sun and you’ve got the perfect recipe for lips more textured than a crocodile skin Birkin. Keep yourself hydrated, moisturize that kisser, and remember, wearing a hat won't hurt either.


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