Exfoliation is undefeated when it comes to skincare. Sloughing away the dead skin cells immediately makes a world of difference in the way your complexion looks—you'll find that your complexion seems brighter and more radiant. And if you have oily skin, this step is vital in your regimen.



While our skin can exfoliate itself on its own (it sheds dead skin cells every 30 days or so), excessive sebum production can slow down the process and make it a lot more difficult. Regular exfoliation using scrubs, peels, toners, or tools can make this easier.

How often should I exfoliate if I have oily skin?

People with oily skin can generally take exfoliating their face two times a week. But if you're acne-prone as well, we suggest limiting it to once a week to prevent your breakouts from getting irritated.

What is the proper way to exfoliate the face?

While it may seem like scrubbing your face like there's no tomorrow is the obvious solution, let us remind you that over-exfoliation is an actual thing that happens and that it can cause you more damage than good.

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When it comes to exfoliation, you have two choices: Physical and chemical. The first one involves using a gentle scrub or tool and massaging it all over your face in circular motions. The latter calls for a skincare product loaded with active ingredients like AHA or BHA that you apply to your face using your palms or a cotton pad.

We recommend, however, that you stick with chemical exfoliators if you have oily skin as physical variants can damage or puncture existing breakouts and spread bacteria on the face.

What are the best physical exfoliators for oily skin?

Choose physical exfoliants with super soft granules that won't leave the skin irritated. Gently massage the product all over your skin to buff away the dead cells and reveal a smoother and brighter complexion.

Best physical exfoliator for oily skin: Shiseido WASO Soft + Cushy Polisher

This gentle exfoliator contains tofu and plant-based cellulose granules that gently buff away grime from the skin without irritating it. Its star ingredient is soy extract, a Japanese superfood that removes dead cells and dislodges dirt from the pores.


TRY: WASO Soft + Cushy Polisher, P1,600, SHISEIDO, Lazada

Best physical exfoliator for oily skin: Pixi Peel & Polish

This enzyme peel contains lactic acid, an AHA that helps clarify and exfoliate the face. Papaya fruit extract smoothens out the skin, while sugar cane extract helps to reveal a brighter and even-toned complexion.


TRY: Peel & Polish, P1,390, PIXI, Lazada

Best physical exfoliator for oily skin: Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Face Scrub

This face scrub is made with finely-ground almonds and cornmeal—ingredients that can gently remove dead skin cells without causing abrasions. It's also infused with honey extract to soothe and hydrate the complexion.


TRY: Almond & Honey Face Scrub, P1,150, MARIO BADESCU, Rustan's The Beauty Source

Best physical exfoliator for oily skin: Foreo Luna Mini 2

Cleansing tools help cut down the time you spend washing your face in half by gently exfoliating your skin as you massage the device around. This one from Foreo is made from non-abrasive silicone that's less prone to bacteria buildup, plus it has T-sonic pulsations that will prevent you from scrubbing too hard.


TRY: Luna Mini 2, P8,110, FOREO, Sephora.ph 

What are the best chemical exfoliators for oily skin?

Unlike physical exfoliants that only involve sloughing away the topmost layer of the dermis, chemical exfoliants work their magic deeper into the skin. Acids like AHA and BHA loosen up dead skin cells to dislodge sebum and gunk buildup and fade pigmentation.


Best chemical exfoliator for oily skin: COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

K-beauty fans only sing praises about this toner, due to its AHA and BHA content that helps remove stuck dirt beneath the pores to reveal a more luminous complexion.

TRY: AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, P680, COSRX, Lazada

Best chemical exfoliator for oily skin: The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

If you want a facial in a bottle, this peeling solution from The Ordinary is the product for you. It's taken the internet by storm, and for good reason, too—loyal users report dramatic results with continued use! Its AHA and BHA content is so high that it's only recommended to be applied once or twice a week and shouldn't be left on for more than 10 minutes.


TRY: AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, P700, THE ORDINARYBeautyMNL

Best chemical exfoliator for oily skin: Pixi Glow Tonic

Glycolic acid is the star ingredient of this chemical exfoliant and is responsible for accelerating the cell renewal process to reveal a more glowy and luminous complexion.


TRY: Glow Tonic, P1,050, PIXI, Shopee

Best chemical exfoliator for oily skin: Luxe Organix Miracle Toner AHA/BHA Pore Clarifying Treatment

If you want a more affordable option, you can check out Luxe Organix's AHA BHA toner. It's infused with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and tea tree extract—what a blemish-busting combination!


TRY: Miracle Toner AHA/BHA Pore Clarifying Treatment, P349, LUXE ORGANIX, Shopee


Best chemical exfoliator for oily skin: SNAILWHITE Glow Potion AHA BHA Toner

Aside from the AHA and BHA content that's responsible for purifying the skin by gently removing deep-seated dirt, SNAILWHITE's Glow Potion also contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin. This combo helps pack in the moisture for an enviably plump and dewy complexion!


TRY: Glow Potion AHA BHA Toner, P395, SNAILWHITE, Shopee

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