Because of the presence of melanin, skin darkens as a natural way of protecting itself from being damaged by UV rays when exposed to the sun. But if you stay out for a prolonged period, the radiation from UV rays will burn the skin and kill a few cells in the processThe darker your skin tone is, the more it can tolerate sun exposure without getting burned. 


If you want to be on the safe side during your scheduled beach trip, follow these wise tips:

1. Get cover.

Apart from staying in the shade more, covering your bare body with loose long-sleeved cover-ups and pants can block a direct hit from the sun. The darker the fabric, the more it can protect you.

2. Wear a hat.

A wide-brimmed hat can act as a 'roof' over your face and body. There are many fashionable beach hats in the market, so looking for the perfect one won't be a problem.

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3. Don't go out midday.

The sun's heat is at its peak from 10 AM to 2 PM, so it's best that you take a break from going outdoors at these times.

4. Always wear sunscreen.

Body-covering clothing and hats aren't enough to totaly shield you from UV rays. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going out. Re-apply after every two hours, after a dip, or after sweating a lot. Look for a water-resistant product with an SPF of at least 30 and broad spectrum protection (it says PA+++). Better yet, use a sunscreen with whitening abilities to stop pigementation from happening while you frolick in the beach.


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