For a few weeks after a bikini wax—or less if you shave—your singit area is as smooth as it once was pre-puberty. But the real problem begins once your pubic hair starts to grow back.

Because the hair down there is often thick and curly, it's prone to grow inward, rather than outward. To avoid having nasty bumps down there, read on.


When you notice the hair already starting to grow, gently exfoliate the area while showering to remove dead skin cells. Don't be aggressive when scrubbing because it can potentially irritate your skin.

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Get an anti-itch cream or lotion

If the area is starting to itch, you shouldn't scratch it. Instead, apply a bit of calamine lotion—or any anti-itch cream—to soothe the irritation.

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Avoid shaving, waxing, and plucking the area

If one or two ingrown hairs still pop up, New Health Advisor suggests not to shave, wax, or pluck them out as these can irritate the skin even more. Healthline recommends using retinoids to help clear out the dead skin cells and encourage the hair to grow outward.

P.S. If you are pregnant, do not use retinoids as it's harmful to the baby and can cause birth defects.

Apply acne cream

Teen Vogue reports that ingrown hairs can also lead to pimples. So if you notice a few pus-filled bumps, dab some acne treatment on the affected area, be careful not to accidentally put some on your vulva, and don't pop them—doing so can lead to an infection and cause more problems.

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