1Lipstick has the power to transform your look instantly. With a single swipe, you can look as sweet or as bold as you want to be, sans foundation, liner, and blush. It's the one makeup item you should at least own even if you're not kikay. Want to maximize its power? We've got the best lipstick hacks below!

Use liquid foundation as a lip primer.
Enhance your lipstick’s staying power by brushing a gossamer-thin layer of foundation on your lips as base.

Exfoliate your lips before applying lip color. 
For a super smooth application, remove your lips' dead skin by using a lip scrub or by gently rubbing a damp, clean, washcloth on them to lift flaky skin.

Always start with lip liner.
Lip liner acts like a fence that keeps the color from bleeding. Using a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick, carefully glide the pencil along the borders of your lips, and then proceed to fill in your pout with lipstick.


Use a lip brush when applying lipstick.

Although it’s easier to swipe lipstick directly from the tube, you can get a much cleaner and precise application when you use a lip brush.

Always blot lips with powder.
Veiling a colored pout with finely-milled translucent powder is key to making your lipstick last.

Remove lipstick properly.

You don’t need to use mounds of tissue nor do you need to injure yourself trying to take off the ultra-red pigment on your lips. Grab an oil-based makeup remover or petroleum jelly to erase the color, while keeping your kisser soft and moisturized.

Contour your lips.

Aside from your cheeks and eyebrows, you can also contour your lips and make them appear fuller. Start by painting on a darker hue on the edge and blending a lighter shade on the center of your pout. You can also coat the whole mouth with a single color and apply lip gloss on the middle to make your lips appear 3D.

Intensify the color of your lipstick with a powder blush. 
When you want to make the shade more vivid but don't want another layer of lipstick, dust a little powder blush from the same color family as your lippie Doing this doesn't just make the hue bolder, but also gives your lips a rich, matte finish!

Evict old lipsticks from your drawer.

While it’s hard to let go of a favorite lipstick, you must toss them out when they reach their expiration date. If you find that its texture and smell has changed, let it go.

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