1. She avoids heat-styling as much as possible.
It’s tough to swear off curling irons and blowdryers, but if you’re really into hot tools, make sure that you spritz your strands with heat-protectants to keep them from getting fried. Also, there are a variety of heat-free ‘dos your locks will love.

2. She keeps hair clean.
Dirty locks mean a clogged scalp and problematic skin. While some advise skipping shampoo on some days, when you live in a polluted and humid environment, it’s always better to keep your strands clean. To keep your tresses from drying out from all the shampoo action, condition the tips every single day.

3. She conditions every time.

Hydration is key to achieving soft, silky hair. Even if you’ve conditioned in the shower, massaging a nourishing serum pumps up moisture that maintains your hair’s health. Make it a habit to soak your hair in hair masks weekly for more lustrous locks.

4. She sleeps on silk and satin.

Fine threads won't snag your follicles, so going luxe on pillowcases and sheets is a great investment.

5. She nourishes her hair from within.

Apart from slathering on the best hair products in the market, taking in vitamins and minerals that are essential to your hair’s growth and strength is mighty helpful.

6. She’s gentle on her hair.

When dealing with wet strands, your fingers or a wide-tooth comb are the best hair tools to touch your hair. Brushes and fine combs may damage your strands when used on wet hair. Detangle snarls with utmost care: Massage leave-on conditioner, and run a brush from the tips toward the roots.

7. She likes it cold.

Run warm water on strands to aid your shampoo’s lather, and rinse with cold water to seal in the nutrients from the conditioner. Refrain from rinsing hair with hot water because it can deplete your hair’s natural volume.

8. She knows how to use hair products.
Applying shampoo and conditioner all over your hair is a waste of product. Shampoo is meant to cleanse the scalp, so concentrate the product on your crown. Conditioner, on the other hand, needs to be applied mid-way down to the ends where the hair needs more moisture.

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