Valentine's Day isn't only for those attached. Your single self can enjoy the day of love, too! After all, love isn't just about the connection you share with a boyfriend—it's about your relationship with family, friends, and yourself, too. Stop the pity party and treat yourself to these:

1. Jewelry

You can very well afford to spoil yourself with some bling. You don't need to wait for a man to buy you nice jewelry. Plus, jewelry can add luxurious details to your basic outfit instantly.

2. Perfume
Nothing beats a whiff of sexiness brought by a sensual scent.

Carolina Herrera Africa Women , P5,850, at department stores.

3. Indulge in your favorite food.
Whether you're into sweet desserts or savory comfort foods, let go of your diet for a day and satisfy your cravings with your fave food.

Toblerone (with Limited Edition Valentine's Day sleeve) is available at supermarkets; Cadbury (with Limited Edition Valentine's Day packaging) is available at supermarkets.

4. Listen to your favorite songs.

While you're eating your well-deserved treat, turn up the volume and listen to the tracks that are close to your heart. Here are some playlists we've curated for you.

5. Fall in love with something new.

The feeling of falling in love is one of the best emotions a human being can experience. Look for a hobby or passion that you've always wanted to try (like baking, painting, or even parkour!) and embrace it wholeheartedly. The high that you'll get will keep the happy hormones busy!

6. Show some lovin' to others.
Your heart will feel bigger and so much better when you treat others, too. You can save time and effort by just going online on and let them take care of the gift delivery.

Mrs. Fields Celebration Heart Tin Can, P495 at

7. Plan a party with your BFFs.

Celebrate the single life by partying with your best girls. You may choose to have a house party or go out to a trendy bar and just enjoy your freedom—living solo means you've got more time to go YOLO!


PHOTO: Instagram @ilovegeorgina; @ssilifeph; @passionforbaking; @koalafromtheblog

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