Applying foundation on your lips is one of the easiest tricks to make your lippie last throughout the day.
Just like the rest of your face, your lipstick needs something to cling on to
. If you plan to wear a really bold color, you can use a bit of concealer to neutralize your natural lip color, making the color really stand out.


2. Most lipsticks have formulas that dry out your lips.
Especially matte ones. While matte lippies are great for wearing the whole day, they can really dehydrate your puckers. Counter this by always prepping your lips with lip balm—no need for overpriced lip primers. The trick is to begin your makeup routine by applying lip balm. Then go on and apply your makeup to the rest of your face, making lipstick the last step. By the time you wear your lipstick, the lip balm would have already set in and moisturized your lips. Use a piece of tissue to blot out the excess oil from the balm and apply your lipstick.

3. You should give lip liners a shot.
Don’t you hate it when your lipstick bleeds midday? Find a lip liner similar to your choice of lipstick and use it to outline and fill in your lips before using lipstick. Not only will it keep your lipstick from bleeding and feathering, but it will also give you the appearance of fuller lips (a la Kylie Jenner), and make your color last longer.


4. The key to making it stay in place is to blot, blot, and blot some more.
You’ve probably seen your grandma and your mom do this trick—because it works! The next time you plan to wear a sexy red lip on your night out with the girls, begin by using a lip liner to line and fill in your lips. Apply your first layer of lipstick, take a piece of tissue, and press it against your lips to absorb excess oil. Apply another layer of lipstick and blot again. Repeat the process one more time, and your lipstick will stay on all night long, promise.

5. Lipstick finishes matter!
"The easier it glides on, the easier it rubs off" is a makeup rule you’ve probably heard a couple of times, and it definitely applies to lipsticks. Lippies with satin finishes glide on smoothly onto the lips, but these are usually not as long-lasting as the matte ones. Here’s a guide on that.


6. Lipsticks definitely expire.
Lipsticks can last from one to two years, depending on the formulation. The quickest and safest test to tell if your lipstick is past its due date is by smelling it. If it no longer smells the same way that it used to, toss it out. Save yourself from possible nasty lip infections.

7. The easiest way to take lipstick off is by using petroleum jelly.
Have you ever removed your lipstick with a makeup wipe only to be left with a really disgusting aftertaste on your puckers? Makeup wipes contain strong chemicals that could potentially irritate your lips. Instead, use petroleum jelly. Apply a coat of the product on your lips and then wipe it off with tissue or a cotton pad. The petroleum jelly will not only get rid of lipstick, but it will also leave your lips instantly hydrated.

For more things you should know about lipsticks, head on to cosmo.ph.

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