1It’s a known fact that washing your face and following a skincare regimen will grant you the best skin of your life. But besides those and consulting a dermatologist for expert advice, there are other things you can try to score an immaculate complexion. Here, we present you clear skin solutions you might never have thought of. Scroll down to find out our flawless skin hacks.

Cleaning your smartphone regularly
You put your phone on the sides of your cheeks every time you answer you a call, and more often than not, you’ll see a smear of BB cream sticking to it! Who knows what else is breeding on your phone? Stop inviting zits to pop out on your skin by wiping your phone regularly with an anti-bacterial wipe or a tissue with alcohol.

Changing your pillowcases and beddings
You spend at least five hours tossing and turning in your bed at night. Imagine the amount of oil and dead skin your pillowcases and beddings are picking up every time, which, BTW, also comes into contact with your skin every time. To minimize bacteria build up, make sure to sleep on freshly laundered sheets every other day to keep those nasty red spots at bay.

Leaving your zits alone, kinda
Pimples have a bad habit of appearing right on the day of an important occasion. Please resist squeezing the ugly head! Popping a pimple can cause massive damage to your skin like inflammation, irritation, and scars. Here’s a tip: Dab a drying solution on the spot and let it dry up on its own.

Shampooing before washing your face

Your frizz-fighting shampoo is loaded with moisturizing ingredients that may clog your pores. When you shower, wash your hair first, and then proceed to cleansing your face.

Not waiting until bedtime to wash your face
As soon as you hit home, free your face from makeup, dirt, and oil immediately. You would not want the day’s accumulated grime to linger on your face longer, would you?

Trying a makeup detox
Give your skin time to breathe by going makeup-free. Bestow your skin a vacation from foundation, blush, and concealer for a few days, and notice more behaved skin right after. Don’t skip sunscreen, though, which then leads us to the last tip…

Applying sunscreen always
The beach and the pool aren’t the only places where you are required to wear sunscreen. Protecting yourself from the sun is a crucial factor in keeping your face young and flawless. Your night time age-defying skin care regimen would be of no use if you neglect wearing sunscreen.

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