One of the main reasons most girls get a hair makeover is because they’re about to embark into a new chapter in their life. Whether it's because of a new job, a change in relationship status, or just the call of summer, getting your locks chopped off can feel liberating. Not sure you're ready to go short? Here are a few reasons you totally should!

You’ll save money on hair products.
Because your hair is not as long, your shampoo and conditioner will last for ages. It may not seem like much, but add it all up, and you'll have saved up enough to grow your out-of-town fund.

You'll also save time.
They call it wash and wear hair for a reason. With long hair, lathering up your locks seems to take an eternity. A shorter 'do, however, shaves a good 15 minutes off your shower time. You don't even have to wait too long for it to dry, which means you can actually arrive to work early and get more work done. You also won't have to take more than an hour to get ready for a night out with friends or a special someone. Five minutes and you're done!

You’ll get fewer tangles.
The ends are too short to get entangled. Take that, knots!

You'll always feel sassy.
Wash and wear hair is empowering. Besides, you don’t need long, flowing locks to remind everyone that you’re a lady.

You'll have more fun with makeup.

aWith your face out in the open, you’re free to do bold makeup moves. A glossy red lip, perhaps?

You'll never look boring.
With a simple hair flip and a nut-sized amount of hair wax, you’ll look edgy in an instant. Alternatively, spritzes of conditioning spray will leave your cropped ‘do as polished as an upper east side gal. Oh and boring ponytails? They don't exist in your world now.

Your hair will always look good.
1Snipped tresses will naturally look voluminous because of their short length. Plus, the tips will always be nourished because they're closer to the scalp.

PHOTO: Paul Vallejo/Flickr Creative Commons; GIFs: Giphy


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