1You may have been using baby powder all your life, but are you aware that this household staple is also an amazing fashion and beauty multitasker? It's easy on the pocket, yet solves the most common #girlproblems. From barely-there kilay to painful waxing woes, baby powder makes everything right. Scroll down to see its many uses!

Brow Volume Booster

Right before you coat your arches with brow mascara, dust a small eye shadow brush dipped in baby powder on your brows to fatten each follicle. The result: born-with-it, lush brows.

Dry Shampoo Subsitute
Sprinkle baby powder on your scalp as a sub for dry shampoo. You’ll get fresh-smelling locks and lifted roots!

Instant Eye Primer
Sometimes, eye primers can get too expensive. Concoct your own version by mixing a pinch of baby powder and four to five pumps of liquid foundation in a pot. Apply this on the lids before eyeshadow application, and watch as your shadow's pigments become more vivid!

Pre-Wax Care
Scatter baby powder on skin before applying wax. Doing so allows the wax to cling only to the hair follicles and not the skin, preventing a very painful waxing experience.

Linen Freshener

On hot nights, dust baby powder on your bedding to keep things smelling fresh and sweat-free. You'll fall into deep slumber in no time!

Food Stain Savior
Accidently spilled food on your dress? Do not panic! Run to the ladies' room, apply baby powder on the affected area, and let the talc absorb the oil from the food. Damage control, done! Wash the dress as usual, and voila! It's as if the food satin was never there!

Beach Cleanup
Sure, lying by the shore is fun, but being covered in sand can get messy. Remove sand in a pinch by putting baby powder on your legs and arms. When you brush the powder off, the sand particles should be dusted right off as well.

PHOTO: Instagram/LJ Soy Candles

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