On the quest for immaculate complexion? We spoke with the city’s top dermatologists, Aivee Teo, M.D. and Kaycee Reyes, M.D. to know which beauty habits you should adopt and which ones you should ditch. Scroll down to be informed.

1. Make time for exfoliation.
Teo believes in proper exfoliating. “It is very important to properly exfoliate and resurface the skin to visibly correct past damages while maximizing the look of healthy, glowing skin. Chemical exfoliation is my favorite, and I always advise my patients to invest in a Glycolic Acid + Salicylic Acid concontion to effectively remove dulling dead skin cells,” she says.

2. Do not self-medicate.
Teo warns, “Do not self-medicate! Though the choice of cleansers, moisturizers, and sunblock is usually a consumer choice, once my patients are faced with exfoliants and pharmaceutical preparations like steroid creams and even Tretinoin and Retinol, I always advise them to have a consultation with a trained dermatologist to effectively determine its compatibility to their skin for maximum safety and results.”


3. De-stress.
Avoid any form of stress (physical, mental and emotional) as much as possible. “Chronic stress and heavy stress can trigger systemic inflammation and might not only affect your skin (more breakouts) but can cause physical illness, too. Meditate, do breathing exercises, practice yoga, take hot baths—do something that relaxes you,” says Reyes.

4. Learn the wewest buzzword: Skinvesting.
“Develop a morning and night topical skin care regimen. Skinvesting time and effort will definitely prevent formation of pigmentation or discoloration and static wrinkles on your skin. Twenty years from now, you will thank yourself,” Reyes explains.

5. Always check the label of your hair products.
Reyes reveals that haircare products may be the culprits behind your nasty breakouts: “Hair products containing silicone, plasticizers, and oil may clog pores if your hair usually touches the surface of your skin. If you like wearing bangs or wearing your hair down, it's best to check the ingredients of your hair products to save your skin from breakouts," she says.

6. Change your pillowcases and towels once or twice a week.
“Dead skin cells and bacteria accumulate on your pillowcase, so changing your sheets is necessary so your skin doesn't get irritated. Also, try to use fragrance-free detergents since added fragrance may cause skin irritation,” Reyes says.


(Photos from Instagram.com @venusknowsbest; Giphy.com)

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