1Mascara grants your lashes a flirty fringe, but when done incorrectly, it can leave you with a major beauty faux pas: clumpy lashes, which look extremely unnatural and spider-leg-like. Clumps also lead to flakes, so you have to watch out for product debris on your face the whole time. To prevent a clump-tastrophe, we round up the most common bad habits you should ditch below.

It’s expired.

When your mascara is past its prime, the formula dries out, causing clumpy application. There's also the fact that bacteria may already be breeding in the tube, so stop using it lest you cast your eyes with infection. To prevent this unfortunate event, mark the date you opened your mascara with a permanent marker, and toss it after six months.

You’re using too much.
Pilling on a gazillion layers to make your lashes thick can be counterproductive. Doing so proposes a greater risk for clumping. Our tip: Take out the clumps with a spoolie brush or a lash comb. Also, it’s important to remember to clean the excess product on the mouth of the tube, so you won’t go overboard with mascara.

You didn't remove it well last night.
Applying more mascara on yesterday’s leftovers spells out C-L-U-M-P-S faster than lightning. Completely remove all traces of mascara by using a legit makeup remover, and not just a facial wash. Leaving dried mascara on your lashes overnight can also cause the product to get into your eyes, making them prone to irritation.

You curl after putting mascara on.
This is one of the riskiest things you’ll ever do to your lashes. It’s good practice to curl your fringes first before putting on mascara. Doing otherwise causes the mascara coating your lashes to stick to the curler, which may…wait for it…pull your lashes out! So please, stop doing this.

You never wiggle.
There’s a reason why all beauty how-to’s dictate that you wiggle your wands. Starting from the root and slowly shimmying the wand up the lashes will give you the most even mascara coverage for your lashes. No clumps guaranteed.

PHOTO: Instagram @Albert Kurniawan

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