It truly upsets us when we see dark bags and puffiness on our under-eye areas because they make us look more tired and older than our real age! But those days are finally over. Here's the proper plan of attack to banish the haggard look for life.

Sleep more.
To reduce puffiness, sleep more and lessen your salt and alcohol intake. That means getting more beauty sleep really works and that you should plot your late nights apart.

Determine the cause of darkening.
Dark circles can be classified into two types: Bluish circles appear when blood vessels store more blood and fluid underneath the thin skin of the under-eye. Brownish under-eyes are caused by hyperpigmentation due to friction (stop rubbing!), sun exposure, and genetics.

Fight them bags with the right products.
OTC (over the counter) treatments can only banish blue circles temporarily. Eye serums with caffeine and rollerball tips can boost the blood circulation and calm your blood vessels. Laser treatments will tackle the issue permanently. Hyperpigmentation, on the other hand, can be answered by brightening eye creams, serums, masks, and religious sunscreen application.

Apply eye care products properly.
Make it a habit to apply eye cream or eye serums on the whole eye area: brow bone, lid, outer corner (because crow’s feet!), and the under-eye.

Cover them up like a pro.
Before masking your panda eyes, dab a scant amount of face oil on the under-eye area, and let your skin absorb it to prevent creasing. Grab a salmon-hued concealer to counteract blue and brown circles. Apply in an inverted triangle shape, starting from the outer corner, down to the sides of the nose, and up the inner corner. Set with a thin veil of translucent powder.

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