You already know the most common culprits of damaged hair: too tight hairstyles, elastics with metal, excessive heat styling without protection... But here, we discuss a few common habits you never thought could ruin your strands. Be forewarned and learn from these tips below.

Using dirty brushes
So you wash your hair with the best shampoo out there, but are your brushes clean? When was the last time yo gave them a thorough washing? Clean your brushes weekly by removing the hair caught up in the bristles. As a monthly ritual, soak them in water and baking soda solution for 30 minutes.

Shampooing too much or too little
While skipping shampoo days keeps dry strands at bay, laying off the cleaning agent for more than four days will stimulate oil and trigger dandruff. Ideally, the best interval would be to wash them every other day. Conscious of how your strands will smell? Spritz on dry shampoo to keep them fresh-smelling.

Neglecting to get a regular health cut
Sure, you’d like to grow your locks long, but skipping a monthly or bi-monthly cut can even prevent your strands from growing to Rapunzel lengths. You see, your hair's tips get drier the farther they get from your scalp’s nourishing oils. Make sure to schedule an appointment with your stylist regularly to keep them in good health. Besides, untrimmed ends look like a wayward broom—not healthy-looking at all.

Brushing from the roots down
Aha! We’ve been doing this since we learned how to use a hairbrush, but brushing your strands from top to bottom forces the knots to get untangled prematurely, hence, breakage! Smoothen your hair from the bottom up, right below your knots, for a gentler brush.

Using the same shampoo all your life
Your hair changes its state frequently. You may have gotten them dyed or they might have become weak due to stress, pregnancy, or excessive styling. Switch your shampoo to answer to your locks current needs.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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