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We know it took you forever to grow your hair long, so it’s completely understandable that you feel attached to your locks. The thought of a pair of scissors coming near your head full of hair is making you cringe? We totally get that, too. But when bad hair days slowly become bad hair weeks, then you know it’s time for a cut to reboot your hair’s healthy state. Read on to check if you have experiencing any of these tell-tale signs that say it’s time for a snip!

1. It looks like a triangle.
Gals with thick, wavy, or curly hair, read on: When your locks appear like they’re shaped like a pyramid, then you really need to see your stylist for reshaping.

2. You’re in a style rut.
style rut

When you’re having a difficult time styling your hair (a.k.a, ponytails all day, er’day), then you’re probably bored with your hairstyle. Also, mermaid-length hair (or when your locks reach your waist) is actually hard to work with because at this point, your hair is pretty much tired or almost lifeless. Translation: It’s time to see your stylist for a cut that’ll restore your tresses’ health.

3. Your hair is falling flat.
Here’s a real struggle: You style your hair and work on adding volume to the roots for hours, only for your ’do to fall flat in under 60 minutes. The real reason this is happening? Your strands are already too heavy. Combat this (and bring back the bounce) by getting a one-inch snip or flattering layers. Too busy to hit the salon? Spritz on a sea salt spray to damp hair for added texture.

4. You see lackluster locks.
You’ll know when it’s time to for a chop when your tresses, especially the ends, look dull and lack shine. Over time and constant exposure to sunlight and styling products, your hair loses its vibrancy. Revamp your locks by chopping off the tips. Finish off the look by applying a few drops of shine spray to styled hair.

5. Your strands can rival the Sahara’s dryness.

Another sign that tells you to schedule a maintenance cut is when your hair gets easily tangled. The hair’s cuticles get weaker and drier through time, causing them to get knotted easily. Plus, this is also the root cause of split ends and hair breakage.

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