Let’s face it. Waxing down there not only causes trauma to your skin but also to your nether areas. This is why it’s important for you to take care of yourself after coming out of the waxing salon. Whether you plan to get yourself a bikini or a Brazilian, follow these aftercare tips keep things tidy.

Keep your skin dry.
Right after you wax, let your skin rest and avoid getting the area wet for at least ten hours. Your pores are open at this time, and your skin is more sensitive to elements which may cause rashes and inflammation.

Avoid hot baths, pools, and saunas for at least 24 hours.
As your skin is still sensitive, it’s more prone to infection. Avoid hot water as it may open your pores up even more, and generally steer clear of soaking as this may increase your risk of having skin irritations.

No sex.
You’ll need to turn down your partner’s advances 48 hours after you’ve waxed. Intercourse produces a lot of bodily fluids that may contain bacteria, and this may make your newly-stripped nether areas irritated and itchy.

Wear loose clothing.
When you’re at home, try to wear the loosest, most comfortable clothing you can find. If you can, go commando! Tight underwear can cause you to sweat and hinder your skin from breathing, so avoid them for the time being.

Treat your skin with the right products.
There are many after-waxing products in the market which you can use. These can lessen the occurrences of ingrown hairs, and keep your skin smooth and silky. Ask your hygienist about brands you can choose from.

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