We've always been curious about the beauty habits of our Seoul sisters, so when we met Banila Co. Chief Makeup Artist, Mr. Kangpil Kim, we took the opportunity to ask him about several the prettifying Korean secrets we Filipinas can cop.

1. The right way to achieve Korean eyebrows a.k.a. the straight and lush brow
"When we say Korean straight brows, we don’t refer to it as one bold line. It’s more of a [brow with a] natural, softer arch or a smoother arched eyebrow," he explains. "It doesn’t also mean that every Korean has the same eyebrow look," Mr. Kim adds. They tailor the peak and the location of the tail of the eyebrow according to their eye and face shape.

For example, a lot of Korean celebrities have very sharp V-shaped faces, so when they draw eyebrows, they're softer and straighter. Those with rounder jawlines can make their faces sharper by just adding a little bit more peak on the arch.

2. The Korean trick to make your face look slimmer

"Just to have that V-shape doesn’t mean you express the V-shape with contour. It’s a mixture of everything. The eyebrows are peaked, [and there is] contouring at the outer edge of the face," Mr. Kim tells. He recommends shading the areas outside of the triangle zone: the center of the cheek down to the middle of your lip. You can also mix contouring powder with cushion makeup for a supple yet sculpted effect.

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3. The real deal on Korean skincare steps

"[We use] skin toner, essence, and moisturizer. It is important to maintain the moisture balance, so you must have a moisturizer as the final step of skin care. It really depends on the weather which cream you should use. Here in the Philippines, it is hot and humid, so it is very important to replenish moisture," Mr. Kim advises. So girls, you really should use a moisturizer to bring back hydration. There are products made for oily skin that will help your skin become supple without it feeling greasy and sticky. "In Korea, the weather is cooler, so they use oily and emollient moisturizers to keep their skin hydrated, he describes.

"As a whole, we have four to five steps," he declares. Guess we don't need fancy skincare steps to get the Korean glow—it's simply all about hydrating your skin properly.

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4. The explanation behind the glow-boosting abilities of an essence even on Filipina skin

Filipinas are relatively new to the concept of essences. We're only familiar with facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. Essence is the step in between toner and moisturizer, and Mr. Kim gladly explains why we need to include essence in our regimen.

"Essence is filled a lot of ingredients to replenish moisture, and you apply it after toner. It is lightweight, but it has lots of moisturizing ingredients, [It is] suitable for Filipino skin because it's fast-absorbing and non-sticky." Not sure when to use it? Mr. Kim recommends using essence during the day, right before you apply makeup, for all day hydration.

5. The amazing benefits of sleeping packs

Applying a sleeping pack is a special final step in the Korean skincare routine. Sleeping packs recharge your skin overnight and restore lost moisture. "A lot of [Filipina] girls feel that their face is not dry. They should know that they are losing moisture because it is humid and hot. You are sweating. It is really important," Mr. Kim declares.

PHOTO: Instagram @daraxxi

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