1With so many thoughts running through your head daily, it's easy to overlook basic habits that can potentially ruin and render your regular beauty regimen void. You'll also be shocked that these small mistakes may trigger premature aging. Read on to learn how to swear off these bad habits!

Leaving your nail polish on for weeks

Your three-week-old manicure may seem harmless, but underneath, your nails are probably already suffocating, turning yellow and weak. Remove nail polish on its second week to let your nails breathe.

Wearing the same hair part your whole life
Flipping your hair differently isn't just a quick way to change up your look, but also a way to keep your scalp and hair growth in tip-top shape. If you've never switched your part, the scalp exposed will expand through time, and in the worst cases, will appear like a bald spot.

Using waterproof mascara every day
Unless you are constantly in the water, there is no sense wiggling industrial-proof formula on your lashes daily. Waterproof mascara can be drying on the lashes. Plus, it's harder to remove, forcing you to rub it off until all the black coating melts away.

Improper use of cheek stain
Most women like to apply cheek stain prior to base application, but did you know that this nasty habit can expose your bare cheeks to the sun, causing them to darken? Apply cheek tint after your BB cream or foundation has settled and make sure to put enough sunscreen or SPF-laden base on the cheek area.

Applying skincare in the wrong order and without proper intervals
Skincare today has become more complicated than the bar of soap method of yesteryears. Apply the ones with the lighter formulas first and slowly work your way to heavier ones: facial cleanser/makeup remover, toner, serum, eye cream/spot treatment, and moisturizer. Keep in mind that you need to give your skin time to absorb each product (20 seconds at the most) before layering on another skincare concoction. Otherwise, you won't be getting the full effects of each product.

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