1. Pamper your skin day and night.
While it's true that practicing an intensive skincare routine at night works wonders because this is when the skin naturally repairs itself, prepping your face in the morning will also reap flawless benefits. Enrobing your face with a lightweight moisturizer before putting on your makeup will help your foundation last all day. Don't forget the sunscreen either! This step is necessary to protect your face from aging and burning.

2. Follow the order.
Knowing the ingredients that make up your skincare products is good practice, but knowing how and when to apply these skincare potions on your face is also key. The proper sequence is to put on the watery products first (toner, essence, serum, eye serum) and the heavier products (eye cream, moisturizer, face oil, sleeping pack) towards the end.

3. Get regular facials even when you think your skin looks okay.
If you've never had to deal with breakouts (#blessed beings), you can still benefit from a regular derma visit. Dropping by the clinic every once in a while won't just help you get to know your skin better, but also help you maintain your flawless state. For those who want to break free from skin issues, facials are necessary to expunge the debris and grime hiding in your pores. They make it easier for said pores to absorb those get-glowing ingredients in your moisturizer or serum. Plus, getting a facial is a relaxing escape!

4. Eat your way to a clear complexion.
A healthy and balanced diet won't only give you a trimmer waistline, but also a radiant complexion. A study has shown that too much sugar can worsen skin inflammation, aka, it causes your zit to transform into a flaming, angry spot. Plus, a diet rich in vitamin A, C, and E boosts your skin's resilience against aging and environmental damage.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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