If your eyes speak of what's in your soul, then your nails tell everyone else of how well you take care of yourself. They’re a telltale sign of your personal hygiene, grooming choices, and how well you pamper yourself. In fact, your nails are one of the things people notice at the onset. Find out what your nails say about you below.

1. Your hygiene

Your nails are an automatic repository for gathered dirt and accumulated fatigue. Not only do they collect germs and endure stress, they are also the perfect breeding ground for infections. Make sure you keep them clipped and clean. Suffering from patay na kuko or “dead” nails? Nail fungal infections, which turn nails yellow/white, brittle and thickened, are not far behind. Don’t let it get any worse. Treat it immediately with specially-formulated anti-fungal creams.

2. Your attention to detail

Nails may be just a small part of the body, but they are also the ones you tend to flash the most often. Your active lifestyle is in no way an excuse for leaving your nail polish on for weeks, forgetting to trim regularly, and, most importantly, disregarding dead nails. Remember, looking good from head to toe means giving even the smallest details, a.k.a. your nails, importance.

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3. Your health

The quality of your nails is a visible indicator of whether you make healthy life choices or not—the food you eat, the vitamins you ingest, and the kind of lifestyle you lead all show in the way they look. When your nails suffer from an unsightly injury or infection, it's a sign of your poor health choices. The best way to deal with this is to rid your nails of fungal infections with a nail treatment formulation.


Sometimes, however, no matter how much you take proper care of your nails, there is just no escaping dead or infected nails. This can a problem since nail fungal infections don't go away on their own, are irritating, and look downright ugly. The good news is, onychomichosis can easily be solved by Locetar Nail Lacquer. It contains Amorolfine, which penetrates the nail bed and targets nail fungal infection at the source to facilitate healthy and immediate nail regrowth. Once Amorolfine seeps through the nail, it performs two functions: killing the infection-causing fungus, and developing a barrier from which to prevent the nail infection from spreading. In about six months of constant use until the nail grows back, you’ll see visibly healthy nails that reflect your best self.


Overall, nail health can transform the way you see yourself. With visibly healthy nails, you will be at ease wearing your favorite open-toed heels, going out with your friends, and leading the life of the confident woman you are destined to be.

LOCETAR is available behind the pharmacy counter without the need for a prescription. For more details, visit www.locetar.com.ph.

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