1. Your morning face shines like the rising sun.
You feel like Rihanna's track "Diamond" is mocking you.

2. Your top enemies are humidity, heat, and sweat.
You hate them. Wait, no. You abhor them all.

3. You use primer and LOTS of powder to keep your makeup locked down.

But you still need to retouch. Why, skin? Why?

4. You hoard every beauty product that says "mattifying," "oil-control," "oil-free," and "smudge-proof."
Dewy may be all the rage, but you will always prefer to be flat matte.

5. Whenever you need to take pics, you got to have a "shine check."
Or filters and a little help from beauty apps.

6. When you use oil-blotting sheets, the film turns transparent.


Sometimes, you need to use another one.

7. You’re tempted to skip moisturizers.
But of course, you know you shouldn’t.

8. Your sebaceous glands produce oil to rival Middle Eastern countries.
They won't stop.

9. You're paranoid; you think every particle of dirt in the air is sticking to your skin and resting on your pores.

"Thou shall not have a zit tomorrow!"

10. You’re obsessed with the idea of shrinking your pores.
"Hi. My name is (insert your name here), and I have porexia."

11. The quest for a zit-free complexion seems like an impossible dream.

You feel the urge to live next door to your dermatologist.

12. Your zit paranoia elevates when your monthly period draws near.
"Welcome to Zitlandia."


13. Your forehead is so shiny, other people can use it as a mirror.
"Please stop staring at my face."

14. Nothing dirty is allowed within an inch of your face.
Hair, phone, hands, pillow, and all the other things that exist.

15. You look forward to washing your face when you get home.
"OMG. I'm bacteria-free!"

PHOTO: Mircala/Dreamstime.com; GIFs: Giphy

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