Some people are simply blessed with amazing, flawless skin, but while genetics plays a part (#blessed, right?), a good percentage of it is thanks to their skin care habits. You see, achieving perfect skin stems from a disciplined lifestyle, and not just a single trip to the derma. Read on to find out their best practices!

They use the right products for their skin type.

It doesn’t matter if Korean dew is the trend. If your skin behaves with mattifying products, then go on and continue using oil-controlling skin care lines. Also, don’t be swayed by a skin care product’s heavy price tag. An expensive jar of cream doesn’t exactly guarantee a one-way ticket to perfect skin. Sometimes, under-the-radar products will do wonders for you.

They exfoliate weekly.
Your skin naturally sheds every 28 days, but as you age, the renewal process slows down. You'll need the help of peels and exfoliating products to unclog pores and lift dead skin. Doing so can also help your complexion absorb the active ingredients found in skin care products better.

They apply sunscreen regularly.
While you may be religious with your nightly skin care regimen, if you’re too lazy to put on sunscreen on your face and body daily, your efforts will be put to waste. The sun’s rays are culprits of aging and pigmentation. Sunscreen acts as an invisible force field on your skin to stop wrinkles and age spots from forming.

They use retinol.
Lock your skin’s youth down by applying retinol-based products every evening. With regular use, pores will behave, lines will be reduced, and brown spots will disappear. It’s truly the elixir of youth.

They never neglect their eyes.
Eye cream application may seem like an extra, unnecessary step for many people, but making the time to tend to your sensitive under-eye area will reap rewards. Eye creams have special ingredients that can prevent sagging skin, dark circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet.

They never pick zits.
While it may be really tempting to pop your pimples, it's best to leave them alone. If you're truly bothered, dab a medicated cream on to let them heal naturally, or drop by your dermatologist to have them treated.

They value the importance of facials.
Facials purify all the gunk out of your pores. They usually begin with a steam, followed by extractions of hidden zits, whiteheads, and blackheads, and finish off with a treatment mask. A monthly visit to your facialist can earn you the flawless skin badge.

They don’t self-medicate.
If you notice a rash or a zit that has been living on your skin for quite a long time, resist the urge to self-diagnose and self-medicate. Unusual skin issues are probably signs of more serious problems. See your dermatologist ASAP to have them addressed and cured.

They sleep well.
Clocking in eight hours of sleep will recharge your body and make you appear refreshed. In a study conducted last 2010, researchers found that participants who slept more were perceived to be more attractive than those who were sleep-deprived. Apart from getting your much needed ZZZ’s, make sure that your sheets are freshly laundered. You wouldn’t risk placing your clean face on dirty sheets, right?

They wash their face after they shower.
It seems normal to wash your face first before you shampoo your locks, but did you know that this habit can actually trigger zits? Most shampoos and conditoners have moisturizers that may be too rich for the skin on your face, causing your pores to get clogged and inflamed. To prevent this, cleanse your face last.

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They clean their smartphone.
This may sound trivial, but your smartphone houses a nation pimple-causing bacteria. Regularly wipe your phone's screen with an anti-bacterial wipe or alcohol-soaked tissue to disinfect the area. This way, when you answer a call, your cheek and chin are safe from the nasties.

They never go to bed without washing their face.

Surprise, surprise! Yes, girls, this trick never gets old. Wash your face as soon as you hit home, so you won't be too tired to do the whole shebang when bedtime draws near.

PHOTO: Instagram @kimcamjones; GIFS: Giphy, Gifsoup

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