Everyone is going for a major hair change, especially when the new year rings in. Several short hair inspos like Jessy Mendiola and Jodi Sta. Maria have been spotted loving a shorter 'do. And if you're asking yourself whether you should hop on board the #shorthairdontcare bandwagon, know that you're so not alone. But as much as we all should be open to changing our hair, there are still a few things to remember and think about before making the "big cut." So if you're asking yourself "Should I get a haircut?", make sure to read everything below first!

1. Find out why you want to cut your hair.

 							<i>10 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Major Haircut</i>

This first step is very important. A big hair change can affect your mood and attitude significantly, so make sure that you're getting a cut for all the right reasons. Although it's perfectly fine to get a haircut after a breakup or a major life change, it's still best to chop off your locks when you're in a better mood or disposition. You don't want a potential hair mishap to make things worst for you!

2. You need to genuinely want the change.
If you're half-hearted when it comes to chopping off most of your hair, we suggest you wait it out until you actually want it. Sometimes spontaneously wanting a dramatic change in the form of cutting your hair can lead to major regrets. You wouldn't want to spend your days wishing you didn't do it and longing for your longer locks with multiple #TBT posts now, would you?

3. Know your face shape.
Now if you really wanna go for the major hair change, it's best to know exactly what your face shape is! This can determine the kind of hairstyles that you should want for yourself. So whether it's bangs, a bob, or super short hair, make sure you know your actual face shape.

4. Choose a hairstyle or peg.

 							<i>10 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Major Haircut</i>

Beauty blogger and makeup artist Julia Arenas recently told us that when she transitioned from her long hair to a cute pixie cut, she decided to look for someone with her face shape to see exactly the kind of short hair that she can pull off! So make sure to factor in the face shape of the celebrity hairstyle you're going for.

5. Remember you can take it slow.
If it's a really major change, know that you can take it slow by chopping off a few inches first to get used to a shorter length. This will help you be more at ease and transition to your end goal better. Also, this is when you'll know if you can fully commit to your desired style.

6. Take it one step at a time.

 							<i>10 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Major Haircut</i>


Cutting your hair super short is already a major change, so it's best to dye, perm, or straighten your hair after you've already gotten used to your new hairstyle.

7. Prepare to take care of your new 'do.
Shorter hair doesn't always mean easier. It will require less shampoo and conditioner but be prepared for the fact that shorter locks have the possibility of being more high maintenance, depending on the type of your hair. This is because you will actually have to style it since tying it in a bun isn't an option anymore. Plus, keeping your hair short will require more visits to the salon.

8. Find out the best place to get your haircut.

 							<i>10 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Major Haircut</i>

A major hair change can be a really big deal, so make sure you trust the person that's in charge of cutting and styling. If you don't have a go-to hairstylist or salon, make sure to do your research and read up on reviews beforehand!

9. Don't be afraid to experiment with your hair and style.
The cut is just the first step. The second step is all about getting used to your new 'do, so don't be afraid to try different looks, to the point of even changing up your outfits to suit your hairstyle. This is the fun part about going for a big hair change!

10. It's just hair, it grows.

 							<i>10 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Major Haircut</i>

Trust us, it grows. Even if you end up not being madly in love with your new hair, the best news is that it REALLY is just hair and it will grow back eventually! Luckily there are tons of hair tools now and styling tricks that you can use and sport while waiting for your hair to grow back.

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