1. Choose your scent wisely.
One that smells great on your BFF may smell differently on you because each person has her own biochemistry. An easy way to find your signature scent is to observe the fragrance notes that excite your senses. For example, if you're a fan of doughnuts, then warm vanilla and sweet scents will work for you. If you find yourself being addicted to the scent of fresh laundry, go for crisp, green, and clean scents.

Whatever fragrance family you choose, try it first on the perfume counter. Leave the scent on your skin for a few hours to find out its 'final' scent on you. When you're happy and satisfied with it, then by all means, take the bottle home with you.

2. Store perfumes properly.

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Exposing your perfume bottles in sunlight, heat, and moisture can alter its molecules—these then lessen the potency of your fragrance and change its color and scent. It's best to keep your beloved scents stashed in a cool, dry place.

3. Master the art of layering
A basic trick for all-day fragrance: build it up right from the shower. Start with a shower gel and lotion that mimic your chosen perfume. This subtle veil of fragrance acts as a good base for your perfume.

4. Apply perfume after you shower

The best time to spritz on perfume is when your skin is soft and damp. Plus, spraying on perfume when you're already dressed may be damaging to fabric and jewelry. The alcohol content may affect the surface of your jewelry.

5. Know where and how to apply it

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Your wrists aren't the only spots you need to spritz fragrance on. In fact, the back of the ears, arch of the back, belly button, folds of the elbows, and the back of the knees are prime areas for perfume! The said spots are the warmest areas of the body, which then allow the perfume to diffuse better.

Refrain from rubbing your writs together, as this breaks down the real molecular structure of the scent. Letting it be allows the real scent to spread out.

6. Keep your skin hydrated
An important factor to having a long-lasting fragrance is moisture. Apply lotion on your skin before spraying perfume to give it something to cling to.

7. Reapply with care

Of course our tips above can extend the wear of your fragrance, but you still need to re-spray after a few hours. Massage unscented lotion first on your pulse points before spritzing perfume again for a lasting scent. And if you're a bit sweaty, wipe it off first before spraying to avoid the fragrance from smelling funny.

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