The grand fans day-charity event "Sa Tamang Panahon" easily sold out the 55,000 seating capacity of the world’s largest indoor arena, the Philippine Arena, the magnitude of this generation’s most transcendental love team, AlDub, in full display. Among showgoers were die-hard fans of the one-of-a-kind love story of Alden Richards and Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza, people of all ages (except children seven years old and below) and gender. One could understand women being engrossed in tales of romance such as this, though what about men? How come lads, whose TV viewing habits usually consist of basketball games and crime series, tune in religiously every noontime? We ask a handful of men why they had become so absorbed with the AlDub phenomenon:

1. Maine Mendoza's smile
Maine’s smile just completes my day. You can see that she’s enjoying the experience and her crush on Alden to boot. Her level of enthusiasm is incomparable; sobrang makulit siya, cowboy vibe, yet still beautiful! Dalagang Pilipina, pero game siya sa kahit ano! Ray, 28

2. The humor
Guys have a thing with comedians like Babalu and Dolphy at the moment—"Banayad Whiskey" humor. And we get it from Wally and Co. Then there’s Maine, na pang every man ang beauty. Same reason why guys are crazy about Anne Curtis; cowboy kasi… Ultimately though, nakakakilig kasi ’yung fact na real-life kilig. Mikey, 27

3. Unscripted siya (for the most part).
Isa lang ang sagot ko diyan: Nicomaine Mendoza. Spontaneous acting, at the same time, the audience knows what’s included in the script and what’s not. Not to mention the brand of comedy the Kalye’s Angels (Jose, Wally and Paolo) bring; sensible yet witty. Good vibes sila magtrabaho kaya nakakahawa. Mark, 24

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4. The good vibes
It has to do with AlDub being an accidental love team. Maine, for example, who would’ve thought she would be a hit to the masses and now, even to [people from] all walks of life? Pairing them up—a woman who doesn’t care how she looks in front of the camera and is uber jolly, and boy-next-door in Alden, who never fails to make the ladies swoon—what you get is a sure hit. Another thing is the sense of mystery between the two of them, well, at least until "Sa Tamang Panahon." Basically, it’s all good vibes when the clock turns 1:30 p.m, with lessons imparted actually just giveaways. The couple is simply that different from their contemporaries. —Joseph, 29

5. The kilig factor
Aside from the kilig factor, I get envious of Alden being that lucky guy to be paired with a girl like Maine. —Dian, 24


6. Did we mention Maine Mendoza?
Two words: MAINE MENDOZA. There’s this interesting woman, who has an uncanny way of making men swoon, and who has no inhibitions making faces on screen. Kaya inggit na inggit ako kay Alden! You know a show has that much of an effect on you when you couldn’t care less if people in the office catch you grinning out of the blue (while watching kalyeserye) during a busy workday. —Paulo, 24

7. The fun and fresh angles
I like women with great smiles, which Yaya Dub obviously has. And being an avid Eat Bulaga fan, I also admire the fact that Jose, Wally, and Paolo always have something new to bring to the table. The perfect mix of kilig for the ladies and classic comedy for the gents says it all. —Jonathan, 27

8. The sillyness
For me, Yaya Dub has the makings of an ideal girlfriend. 'Yung kahit kengkoy, cute pa din. —Marco, 31

9. The breakdown of gender roles
Eat Bulaga is able to set the norm for the audience—that it’s all right for a guy to make kilig and pa-tweetums gestures. It doesn’t look all too girly when Alden does it. —Mac Xavier Daniel, 25

10. The nostalgia of puppy love
I’m a huge fan of comedy shows that’s why I watch TVJ movies and Eat Bulaga. And JoWaPao’s knack for impromptu comedy [had me] glued to the TV. I normally don’t favor any love teams; I find them annoying because most of their "pa-cuteness" is just for show. Pero itong AlDub nagustuhan ko. Maine having a crush on Alden is very much relatable to teenagers. Which for me, brought back memories of being a teen, particularly how I was inspired by the apple of my eye back then. Not an old fart, by the way… —Ed, 51

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PHOTO: Instagram @mainedcm, @pepalerts

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