Working out regularly can be a tedious chore sometimes, and this is why we all need some sort of motivation to exercise. Some put themselves through torturous Insanity workout sessions to maintain their much-coveted bikini bodies. Some turn to intense plyometrics classes so they could eat whatever they want. Some go to the gym because they’re determined to get washboard abs, while others strive for killer legs. But the best form of motivation, in the FN team’s opinion, would be a hot, hot gym instructor who’ll be very hands-on with you during your sessions. And this is why we picked 25 Hollywood hunks, all guaranteed to make your daily workouts a lot more bearable, for this month’s poll. As a bonus, we added some inspiring words so you’ll be all set to get physical. Scroll through the gallery below to see them in all their steamy glory, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

Note: Voting percentage does not equal the number of votes. Remember that as the voting margin (difference among the number of votes per entry) between the leading celebrity and the other nominees increases, the voting percentages will change. The bigger the differences in number of votes, the bigger the differences between percentages. This means that even though the number of votes for your bet is going up, the voting percentage can decrease.

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