Chesca and Doug Kramer have made it an annual family tradition to list down all their goals on their "vision board" before another year starts.

On Monday, December 31, the couple gathered their children—Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin—and planned what they want to achieve for the coming year and how they will achieve them.

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Doug shared in an Instagram post that their vision board keeps them motivated to achieve their goals throughout the year.

He wrote, "Every 31st of Dec, as a family we sit down and write our vision board for the following year.

"It's goal setting, and it's about working hard to achieve those goals.

"But more than anything, it's trusting God for what's in store for us for the new year."

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Doug said they have been doing this for four years, and the results have been amazing.

"We've been doing this since 2015 and it's quite amazing to see how everything has unfolded.

"We've learned that goals we've set 3 or 4 years ago, or even just last year, they were achieved! And it came at the best timing! God's perfect timing!

"It's amazing to set goals high and plan things, then later on see that God had better plans in store for us.


"We prayed for better health. From starting new businesses, to settling payment for our current home, to trusting God for a new home.

"To having a deeper personal walk with the Lord, to being a blessing to the less fortunate."

Doug further admitted that not everything on their list has been achieved, but believes that they will, in time.

"A lot were answered in our vision boards, but a lot weren't as well. It teaches us to be patient and continue to work to achieve those goals.

"We've taught our kids to set their goals high and to trust in hard work, to do our part and leave the rest to God.

"2019 is going to be amazing! We're claiming it and we're gonna give God the glory He so rightly deserves!

"Happy New Year! Cheers to 2019!! Love from #TeamKramer!!"

Chesca echoed her husband's thoughts, saying it's also a good way to look back on the blessings they received through the years.


"At the end of the day, we're also reminded that God's plans are always better than our plans.

"And a lot of times, He has proven that. And also, this is a great time to look back on the things that we trusted the Lord with.

"Also, you know honey, the hardships that we went through. Nothing naman in life comes easy. Lahat naman 'yan pinaghihirapan natin 'di ba?"

Doug added, "Whatever plans you may have for 2019, just remember that God's plans are better.

"So set high goals, set goals that you think maybe are impossible, but for the Lord, nothing is impossible."

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