solenn_pep.jpgModel Solenn Heussaff says she didn’t expect to become one of the crowd favorites in reality show Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown on GMA-7, reports. “But I’m thankful,” she says with a smile. Solenn’s fans laud her for always facing the challenges on the island without a single complaint. When asked what she thinks of her fellow castaways who act “pasosyal,” Solenn just waved this away and thanked her parents for her bringing her up properly.

As her popularity grows, so do the issues attached to her name. Among these are reports linking her to Survivor host Richard Gutierrez. Her best friend Georgina Wilson, incidentally Richard’s ex, has also reportedly warned her not to let Richard court her. Solenn says Georgina said no such thing and that she is happy with boyfriend Borgy Manotoc. She also denies the link with Richard, just admitting that they’re close since his twin Raymond is her best friend. “[I] don't ride on issues. I don't want to use people. I don't want to preempt the future. Maybe may ibang babae na gusto si Richard."

Solenn’s modest attitude in the face of her success is something we admire. Like her, are you on your way to climbing up the career ladder? Find out how you too can keep things real while you achieve your career goals with these tips from Female Network.


You may be at the peak of your success right now, but bear in mind that you weren’t always on top. Remember how you got to this point in your life and don’t forget all the people who supported and helped you. It's said that the journey is more important than the destination. In the vein, you should be careful about the means you take to achieve your end goals.


Just because you’ve achieved success doesn’t mean you’re better than everyone else, so don’t use it as an excuse to act like a jerk. You’re still you—just a more successful version of you. One way of gauging whether or not your ego needs to tone down a notch is to ask yourself how you would feel in the other person's shoes. Don’t let your success turn you into less of a person. Instead, strive to be even better because of it.


It might stroke your ego to think you’re superior to everyone else, the best in your field, but here’s a reality check for you: you’re not. Somewhere out there is another person who has just as much (if not more) talent, drive, and determination as you, waiting for his or her time in the limelight. Keep learning and use your power wisely. The opportunities you have now might no longer be available to you in the future.


Make use of your talents and keep pushing your limits. The only way to stay on top is if you keep doing what you’re doing—except you have to outdo yourself this time around. Your only real competition is yourself. You’ll feel more accomplished knowing that your success can be credit to your own efforts and skills and that  you can maintain a successful track record, as opposed to a one-off or a question of luck or connections. 


Keep your reputation clean. It’s the key to staying on top and keeping yourself in your friends’ and co-workers’ good graces. What’s the point of being the top dog if you got there by bringing other people’s reputations down in an effort to boost your own? Don’t sacrifice your dignity (or someone else’s) just to keep your position. 

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