On April 25, four of the It girls met up for an "exciting project." Solenn Heussaff made a post about it on Instagram Stories, which showed that she was with (R-L) Georgina Wilson, Liz Uy, and Isabelle Daza. All three moms were carrying their respective babies, while the Kapuso actress was "HAPPY MY PILLOW WAS QUIET." (LOL!)


Solenn and husband Nico Bolzico have been married for almost two years, but have still yet to announce a third family member (unless you count their cute, social media-famous pets, Patato and Negroni).

Needless to say, many people have begun asking why (as if there needs to be a reason—it's 2018, guys) but it seems that the couple is simply waiting for the "perfect time" to have a baby.

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In an interview with PEP.ph on April 17, during the set visit of her upcoming movie, My 2 Mommies, with Paolo Ballesteros, she answered people's perennial question: Bakit hindi ka pa buntis?

First, there are so many things currently happening in her life. Aside from her acting career, she has her paintings and business ventures.

“Siyempre naman, you’re never ready, even if I have all these plans... 'di ako ready, when I see my friends [who now have babies]. Like, si Belle, kakaanak lang, and I go visit her. Parang sabi ko, ‘Gusto ko ba talaga ito? Ang boring ng first three months sa bahay lang. Parang, baka lang!’

"(But at the same time,) when I see my nephew, me and Nico are wondering, ‘What are we waiting for?’ So, all in perfect time.

 “Of course, we’re talking about it. Of course, we’re planning sooner than later. But, like, right now, I have a few projects I’m finishing this year that I wanna push further."


They have also just renovated their home, so the big move will take up a lot of her time.

“We just renovated the house, so we’re gonna move into the house. So, by order, para hindi ko gagawin na buntis ako habang nag-aayos ng bahay. We told each other this year, let’s finish what we planned, and then next year, tingnan natin kung paano sisingit."

While she's in no rush, Solenn admits that she thinks she should get pregnant soon. “Obviously, I’m turning 33 in July, so sana malapit na kasi, I don’t wanna wait until I’m 37."

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While to some people, being in your 30s already means it's "late" for you to try and get pregnant, there are several studies that show the benefits of waiting to have a baby. One of them include that "children born to mothers who were 30 or older at first delivery are more likely to score higher in high school testing, a likely effect of advanced parental education and resources, says Elizabeth Gregory, Ph.D., director of the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies program at the University of Houston."


Unfortunately, studies that paint a more optimistic future for women's fertility don't get as much press as the negative statistics. In an article on The Atlantic, psychology researcher Dr. Jean Twenge wrote that "One (study) found that, in the days before birth control, 89 percent of 38-year-old women were still fertile. Another concluded that the typical woman was able to get pregnant until somewhere between ages 40 and 45. Yet these more encouraging numbers are rarely mentioned." 

Of course, there are still some risks and downsides to waiting, but either way, it's important to acknowledge that each woman's journey is different, and becoming a mother is a choice, not an imperative. Whether you choose to get pregnant young, late, or never at all—and whatever your reasons may be—it's up to you to decide. Your body, your rules.

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This story originally appeared on PEP.ph. With additional reporting by Ysabel Y. Yuzon


* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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