Sofia Vergara has a tough time living up to people’s beauty standards, insisting she finds it “overwhelming.”

The Modern Family star is known for her red hot fashion sense and curvaceous physique, but the 44-year-old admits she still struggles with how she is judged for her looks.

“I think it’s so hard, not just for me, but for every woman,” she tells “Now with the social media and all the craziness with the Internet… you see how women look everywhere in the world. It’s very overwhelming.”

“It’s like, ‘Oh, I should exercise more,’” she continues. “‘Should I eat less? Should I cook more greens? Should I put more makeup on?’ It’s a lot. My niece Daniella, she’s 22, and I tell her it’s not about competing with anyone; just try to be the best that you can. Try to be the sexiest that you can, the most beautiful as you can.”

Sofia recently celebrated her 44th birthday and she explains it has been hard for her to come to terms with ageing. However, she is trying to remain positive and has one simple birthday wish going forward.

“I just wish health, most importantly my family’s health,” she adds. “(And) to be doing well in Modern Family and my work, for people to still be enjoying the things that I do, and to keep working. I like working and feeling useful.”

While the actress faces some small insecurities about her looks, she hopes to serve as an inspiration for other women with the beauty products she puts out – like her third perfume, Tempting.

“I am a product person,” she previously said. “I’m like, crazy. I love creams, make-up and perfumes. I try everything all the time. Women are always asking me, ‘What do you do with your hair? Who colors it? What is that perfume? What is that lipstick? What is that shoe?’ That’s how I got the idea that I can create a business and, at the same time, make it easier for women and girls.”

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