Sharon Cuneta once again took to the social networking site Twitter to defend her and her family against detractors whom she suspects are fans of Piolo Pascual, the ex-boyfriend of her daughter, KC Concepcion. reports that Sharon sent a series of tweets over the weekend, insinuating that Piolo should be thankful for KC’s decision to keep quiet regarding their controversial break-up in 2011.

“I and my family have been holding our tongues. He should be thanking me,” said one tweet. “Konti pa si KC na ang magsasalita (A little more and KC will be the one talking.).”

They should actually be thanking our family for keeping quiet, kahit sunod-sunod ang pambabastos nila sa amin! Kung alam lang nila (even if they are repeatedly bashing us! If they only knew.).”

She also warned one user, @Wayne4Emma, to stop provoking her. “Don't push me. Ang tagal na namin ni Kiko at KC gusto sabihin lahat. At ipakita ang text msgs ni Piolo mo at ng isa pang tao na sinave lahat ni KC (I, Kiko and KC have wanted to tell everything for a long time and to show the text messages Piolo and another person sent to KC, which she all saved.).”

She later sent a lengthy tweet to her fans to apologize for fighting her detractors.

“Dearest Tweeties, I signed out from Twitter last night (early this morning), & my one regret is that I was hurt & forced to make patol again the bashers... I am so sorry if my having answered back has offended you.”

“I don't think I will ever get used to people saying bad things to & about me & any member of my family... And in the end, what will matter to me is that my children will know that when no one who was supposed to be protecting them did so, their Mama risked irking the ire of even her most ardent supporters, in order to fight for them & our name... I will always protect KC... And though it is tempting to just blurt out what really happened that caused her the most pain in her relatively short life & caused her to cry probably a swimming pool of tears…because of her wishes that we try our best to keep our silence, I will leave them alone as long as they leave us alone.”

“I am first & foremost a wife, a mother, a daughter... And I feel no shame in standing up for all of us,” another tweet read.

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