Cristalle Belo adores the relationship her son Hunter James Pitt has with her sister Scarlet Snow Belo.

"He really looks up to her," the beauty entrepreneur tells

"Grabe, when you see the two of them see each other, it's like they're in love. Like sparks, sparks, sparks. They're so happy to see each other."

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Cristalle says that Scarlet is still referred to as "Ate" even if the four-year-old Instagram star is Hunter's aunt. 

But Cristalle reveals that Scarlet "likes to be called Ate Scarlet."

"For me, she's one of the best sisters ever," the eldest daughter of Vicki Belo gushes.

"You leave them alone and you see the way they interact, the way they play. It's very innocent. It's very happy.

"It's just the love of being together. I really appreciate that."

Cristalle sees that having Hunter around teaches Scarlet Snow to think of others.

She says, "It's beneficial for the two of them because at least Scarlet learns to be selfless. Take care of another being that's younger than her, more fragile than her... She's a great Tita to my baby without even knowing."

Scarlet Snow is the daughter of Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho Jr.

Cristalle is Vicki's daughter with former husband Atom Henares.


Hunter is Cristalle's one-year-old son with husband Justin Pitt.

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