This week, a housemate from reality TV series Pinoy Big Brother was evicted because of a rape joke he made towards a fellow male contestant. Several female housemates also revealed that he often made inappropriate remarks, even going as far as "smelling their hair" in some instances. 

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Amidst the rape joke incident, people remembered an iconic confrontation scene from October 2015, which also took place inside the PBB house. It involved Dawn Chang and Tommy Esguerra, both housemates at the time. 

Here's what happened: Tommy decided to talk to Dawn and asked her why she was "messing" with Zeus Collins, a fellow housemate. He added that Dawn was obviously "leading him on." Dawn told him that she and Zeus already talked about it and clarified that there was nothing between them at all. 

Tommy protested with misogynistic remarks: "You could tell me, 'I don't like you, Tommy.' But if you're putting your leg out, my brain's not gonna work. I'm a guy! Especially Zeus, because he's a young man."

Dawn, obviously offended, said, "Well, that's your problem and not mine. I can wear whatever I want to wear."

"So you know how a guy thinks, and you abuse it," Tommy concluded. 


Dawn, ever the fighter, retorted, "I beg to disagree. Your should take responsibility [for] your actions. If you think I'm sexy, thank you very much. If you feel tempted because of what I wear, that's your problem and not mine. I can wear whatever I want to wear."  

Watch the full video below: 

On Twitter, people have been supporting Dawn and reposting screenshots from her confrontation with Tommy! 

Dawn has also been active on the social media platform, replying to fans and saying that she's overjoyed that people are now more educated about such issues. She also said, "I don't mind not being famous. I just want people to be more aware of our rights and limitations." 

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