Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger are very much in love with each other, but they are not in a hurry to settle down anytime soon. 

“Not in the near future, no. We’re not there yet.

“I still feel like we want to achieve a lot individually. Marami pa kaming plano individually. Marami pa kaming gustong ma-achieve, ako sa career ko and siya sa racing career niya," Pia said in an interview with PEP.ph and other reporters after their launch as celebrity ambassadors of BlueWater Day Spa. 


Marlon agreed with Pia.

He said, “For me, honestly, like in our relationship, it’s working well. We’re working together. We're very happy. I think we’re just gonna focus on our careers, support each other. And you know, somewhere down the road, that might come along.”

For the past one and a half years that they’ve been together, it’s no secret that Pia and Marlon encountered showbiz controversies that tested their relationship. But they’ve managed to stay strong and supportive of each other through it all.

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Who says sorry first after a tampuhan?

Laughing, Pia indicated that Marlon usually makes the move to apologize first. But she added, “Sometimes I do, but I just say sorry."

Marlon, for his part, revealed that he makes an effort to bring her food and flowers.

He elaborated, “Just any way to reach a girl’s heart. It can be the smallest of gestures. It doesn’t have to be a bouquet. Kahit come home and give her like a nice rose and some chocolates, 'yun.


“Then it’s easier to say sorry.”

Asked about the key to their happy relationship, the Miss Universe 2015 titlist readily answered, “I think it’s knowing what to share with other people and what to keep in private.

"It really helps, especially with my situation, when we started dating it was right before I passed on the crown. Until now, I'm really grateful he's so understanding, he's so patient. Minsan nga naiisip ko, siguro kung iba iyan, it’s really tough. But he’s been able to go through all of that with me smoothly.” 

Pia also noted that what they share on social media are just tidbits of how much fun they have with each other away from the cameras.

“I’m crazier! I feel like I come up with most of the jokes,” Pia exclaimed.  

Marlon retorted, "She comes up with the jokes, but I execute them."

Pia added, “It’s a nice pairing. May taga-joke, may tagatawa.


Stay in love, you two!

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This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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