extra_piaguanio_vicsotto.jpgLast Sunday, Showbiz Central host Pia Guanio finally gave a statement regarding rumors that she and boyfriend Vic Sotto had broken up, Spot.PH reports. In a tearful confession on the show, Pia told her co-hosts that although she and the comedian-TV host were definitely okay, their relationship is still “under construction.”

“I really [want to] ask everyone's understanding right now,” she was quoted as saying on PEP.ph. “I just want you guys to give us more time. Be patient. This is not something that you just throw away in one go. It's hard enough as it is for both of us without ten gazillion people giving their opinion, making up stories, getting involved...”

Vic Sotto, who is 21 years Pia's senior, also aired his side on the show via phone patch after playfully saying, “Ano bang kaguluhan ito? Parang medyo may narinig akong umiiyak diyan? (What’s going on here? I think I can hear someone crying over there?” He agreed with Pia’s statement, only adding that rumors without any investigation sometimes cause trouble in relationships.Wala namang problema (There’s no problem, really),” he said, according to this PEP.ph article. “I don't even consider it a major problem. In other words, konting tampuhan, binigyan ng masamang kahulugan ng ilang tao hanggang sa lumaki nang lumaki. (In other words, a small argument was given a negative interpretation by other people until it became bigger and bigger.)”

Like Pia and Vic’s, every relationship undergoes ups and downs. Problems sometimes arise, not just in your dealings with each other, but with friends, family, and other people who surround you as well. Yet going through tough periods in your relationship does not necessarily mean that you’re on your way to a breakup. In fact, these problems help you and your partner learn more about each other and mature both as individuals and as a couple, thereby strengthening your bond.

Are you and your man experiencing rough times in your relationship? FN provides you with five steps for successfully making it through your problems. Click on a link below to read more about it or simply read on. Have any advice for your fellow femmes? Tell us in a comment below!



According to this article on Helpguide.org, the problems start when you and your partner don’t make time for each other. Without spending time together, communication and understanding—two basic components of a healthy relationship—are in danger of getting destroyed. Try going on a retreat with your honey or simply reduce your socializing so that you’ll have a lot of time together. If you have kids, get them to spend a weekend or even a week with lolo and lola while you and your partner talk things out.


This article on Helium.com discusses the importance of knowing how to listen. Now that you and your partner have time, give each other a chance to talk. Make sure to tell your partner about how you're feeling and encourage him to do the same. As we say, suffering in silence doesn't fix anything, and you have to let the negative feelings go before you can start focusing on making things better. HelpGuide.org also stresses the significance of learning your partner’s emotional cues. Learn to understand his body language and the feelings that go with it.  


Once you’ve identified your grievances, it’s time to look at them from different perspectives. According to this article on Dating Blast, a lot of relationships run into roadblocks because of poor problem solving skills. In which case, the best thing to do is to set your priorities. Look at all the angles of the problem and weigh the pros and cons of each option together. Focus on the results you want to achieve, the article emphasizes, and don’t bury yourself in the problem.  


Once you know your options, you can pick the best way to go about this for the two of you. This decision has to be made jointly and unanimously. Psychologist Dr. Josh Klapow from the Oprah Radio show Power Struggles in Marriage mentions how making decisions together is critical in the survival of a relationship. There may be compromises before the decision is actually made, but it has to be clear to the both of you that this is in both of your best interests.


Rome wasn't built in a day, so your relationship, like Pia and Vic’s, will be "under construction" for some time. This article says we should approach relationships as a learning experience. That means don't give up, even when there are setbacks. You and your partner both grow as your relationship does. The only way to make it work is if you and your man contribute equally. Remember the course you plotted and stick to it, but allow for a few detours along the way.

(Photos courtesy of PEP.ph)

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