Nico Bolzico is all praises for his wife Solenn Heussaff, who just opened her second solo art exhibit titled Kalsada at the Provenance Art Gallery in Shangri-La at the Fort, on October 19.

In an interview with, the Argentinian businessman said that his wife “doesn’t stop surprising me with her talent.


“It makes me feel a little bit useless when I see everything she does because I cannot do any of these beautiful things.”

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Nico also expressed how proud he is of Solenn in his funny yet touching Instagram message for his wife: “Bebe! I am so proud of you, what you created with #kalsada was incredible.

“You touched so many people in so many levels, your talents never stop to amaze me, when I thought I saw it all ... BOOOM!

“You created this together with Kaeden!” Nico enthused, referring to Solenn’s adorable nephew, Kaeden Small.

He continued, “My big concern here is that you keep showing what a special human being you are, and I am running out of jokes (my only real talent!), I am a one Trick Pony!

“So, I will make you sign a document that lawyers call the ‘Divorce Prohibition Because of Couple Talent Gap,' meaning that if in a few years you realize that you are awesome and I am average, you cannot get a divorce!


“I hope our babies (not soon!) get everything from you, except for the humour, because we all know you try hard to be funny but it is not really happening!”

The always ever supportive hubby. Printed scarve and jacket by #LAHI :) #miaxsolennxvavi #raybanPh

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Though Nico acknowledged that he could be biased “because she’s my wife,” he stressed how much he believes in Solenn’s artistic vision.

“It’s insanely unique what she does, what she paints, and it’s like, the effects she gets on people when they see her painting.

“Like my mom is a painter and she says she never sees stuff like this.

“Everyone who she’s (sic) her painting, they go crazy!

“I think she can create and communicate things that nobody can.”

For this particular exhibit, Nico loved how Solenn was able to capture the spirit of the Filipino people in her paintings.

He intoned, “I think she captured the people, and that’s for me, the best part of the Philippines.


“The Philippines is such a special country because of its people.

“The rest are details, but the people is want makes this country unique and she captures it very, very well.”

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In a separate interview with Solenn, the Kapuso actress mentioned how much Nico has always been her number one supporter when it comes to everything she does.

For this exhibit, in particular, Solenn was thankful that Nico helped her stay focused on her vision.

She told, “Sometimes, I’m nahihiya or people might not get the idea or perceive it in my way or baka sasabihin nila, ‘Oh, you don’t know the streets because you never grew up on the streets.’ You know? There’s always something.

“So, [Nico’s] the one who encourages me.

“He says, ‘You know what, just show them. If they don’t like it, they don’t like it.

“’If they do, they do.’


“I really worked hard for this, and I’m so happy for today!”

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Solenn’s exhibit runs until November 5.

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